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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Our school made its way to DPS R.K. Puram yesterday.Pretty average performance if you ask me. Qualified for the Senior Quiz finals, thats about it I’m afraid. Swat the bug, found our participants with 4 correct and 4 incorrect answers. Ironically, its reported that they came 4th. Junior Quiz was a sellout, two of the three team members refused to show up. Our performance in the crossword was pitiful at best, got only about 7 out of 12 right. The surprise event seemed to be tattoo making… ehm ehm? Surprisingly we didn’t win that one either.
At the end of day 1, R.K. Puram’s leading, with Mother’s International following close behind.
6 days from now, I’ll be giving my SAT for the final time, trying to get that elusive Writing 800.


The past few days have been unquestionably chaotic. Since the last post was on Sunday, I’ll work onwards from there.
Monday, started off with a bang with the usual Monday test. It was English this time, so thankfully I didn’t do as badly as I did on the last two tests. Had a miniature heart attack when I realized that the next test I had was computers (Consisting of 2-d Arrays and User Defined Functions) neither of which I knew well (or rather, at all). Ate multiple ‘farewell’ treats as most of the 12thies were disappearing into oblivion until their pre-boards. Spent the rest of the day doing nothing special.
Tuesday was pretty exciting. Not only did we get three invites (TCS, Access and DLDAV). Called up the latter to ask if we could register three days late only to be told that the event was on Tuesday itself. Apparently the invitation had been lurking in our principal’s office since the 19th. Predictable. On the upside, we found out that the school would repay our convience for the days we stayed back to organize WarP. Pretty ecstatic about that ;). Stood outside for both of the Math classes we had. The first because I was getting the OD letter for Exun finalized, the second because I had to visit the little boys room. My maths teacher seems to have it in for me. As I reached home, I also realized that I had lost my pendrive. Oh Whoop-di-doo.
Today offered the only chance to pass this monday- and like a man falling off a cliff who notices a weak shrub, I grabbed it. Spent a lot of time sitting in the lab understanding just how 2-d arrays worked. Wasn’t really helped by the fact that 90 percent of the lab 3 computers are missing header files. Really, I wonder how the programming event took place there.
I should get back to doing just that. Can’t get this damned diagonal program to work.
I’ve been reading “In search of Schroedingers Cat” by John Gribbin. I bought it mainly because the preface seemed intresting. Unfortunately, the book itself turned out pretty bad. Its like reading a * for dummies book, but if its actually written for dummies. The only semi-intresting bits where the little bits of trivia about a lot of Physists lives, gave me quite a few ideas for future quizzes. He talks of the evolution of Quantum Theory and Mechanics, but nothing someone intrested in the topic would not know. Its not intresting enough to appeal to the layman, so yet again this book occupies the gap. Doubt it’ll sell much.
Exun is coming up this Saturday, Sunday, looking forward to it.
Oh well.. More later

A little inspiration from Code Wars 2008, I created a little program to create rotating cipher to any degree of rotation (Though I’ve only tested it on 13 and 8) and like a true physics nerd, the solution only works with Capital Letters as of yet. Eventually, I will get off my butt long enough to get it to incorporate different types of ciphers, perhaps I’ll even get it to work with lowercase letters ;).
Posting the .exe here. If anyone wants the source (Not that its earth-shaking, took me 5 minutes to write from start to end and Im not exactly a good programmer esp. in C++)email me or drop a comment here.
One interesting piece in today’s HT : Desperate Housewives switch to Gaming Good stuff indeed. Now I can throw that in my face if she objects to my spending hours on Undercover or Urban Terror.
Also, I’ve finally decided to start to use labels in my posts.

After two weeks of not attending a single class, of avoiding teachers, of sitting in the computer lab all day- I am relieved to report, WarP 2008 is finally over.
The overall winners were Dps Vasant Kunj with Dps Noida coming a close second.
The quiz prelims were thankfully well received. What surprised me was that very few teams were able to score more than 7-8. Dps Dwarka, for some reason failed to qualify, with RKP, Montfort, MIS, New Era, Noida and Vasant Kunj reaching the Semi-Finals. The quiz finals, were suffice it to say ‘horrible’. Multiple times, I messed up. The questions, created last minute by *Mr Nobody* had multiple errors with no extensive research. Plus the questions R sent for the ‘Final’ round were terribly unbalanced- and were not worded correctly. I don’t think I’ll be conducting quizzes ever again.
Find the Quiz Papers here
Will upload results later today or tomorrow.

I am pleased to announce WarP IS going to happen this year on the 19th. (With refreshments!)
The fest will happen over a single day, with 8 events.
Finished making the quiz paper today. While I won’t give too many details, I will say that I’ve tried very hard to go beyond the basic “Who created the internet” type questions. As a music and book lover, a lot of questions will include some pop-culture, so I hope you enjoy that one.
Despite the fact that the invitations have been out for about 3 days already, Our site hasn’t received a single registration- So incase you guys haven’t gotten the invitation, grab it off our site.. Remember that the last date for registration is the 18th of November. Infact- could all the readers of this blog(I doubt there are more than 10) spread the word? I’d appreciate it.(I’ll give you cookies?)
Now if only I could get a certain game to work on the school computers….
Hope to see everyone there…