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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Yesterday marked the end of the symposium season of 2008 and with it ended an Era of WarP. Come February, the last of the old crowd will be gone leaving the reigns slack for new blood.While the prospects are exciting, one must wonder, what will happen.
Access, Modern School Barakhamba- an event I’ve been hearing about since my first quiz, was honestly a disappointment. Sure they had shit-loads of sponsors and money, but the execution was pretty crappy. The rules and schedules were changed whimsically. Announcing last minute that there would only be 5 teams in both quizzes, not allowing a team to take the 3rd (or was it second)place in programming, starting late, keeping us waiting for hours at an end. It all spanked of poor organization.
Day 1 of the event, saw our school send 18 people to take part in various events. After a few hiccups we finally left school at 10:30 fearing that we would miss everything. Luckily with the organization being what it was, nothing had started even at 11.(Stuff was supposed to start at 9)When at all it did start, the question paper was wierd at best. At the last minute they removed negative marking, ensuring that anyone with even a few wild guesses would qualify (Frankly, I think that’s how we did.) Spent most of the remaining time talking to people from Dwarka + Kartik(From VK) while Sagar and co. roamed around the school *Cough* The junior quiz was pretty low level- unsurprisingly Sopan’s team decimated them all. Wrote down some of the finals questions- Find them here.
Two teams from RKP qualified for the senior finals, one however decided not to show up. Springdales won after six rounds with RKP second and us third. On his way out, Sagar flicked a copy of the question paper. I’ll have it up here in a couple of days.
Need to finish Undercover, will finish this post later.


Led our usual regiment (30 men strong) to IIT Delhi for TCS IT WIZ today.
For some strange reason, all of my school mates had an irresistible urge to drink the coffee (Which tasted horrible, I ended up chucking it). Since our school had reached at 9, and we didn’t even start to move into the auditorium till 11, all of us got pretty bored except for when I had Metallica on.
When we finally passed the hordes on the steps and went through their so-called “security check”, they let us, in fact encouraged us to sit in the same row. A far cry from 2 years ago when I remember they meticulously had teams from different schools sitting as far apart as they could handle.
The Preliminary round was not as hard as I was expecting it to be (Imagine a small child crouching in a corner while the Antilon Guard breaks down walls and rushes at him.. If you’ve ever played Half life 2 and are extremely trigger happy you’ll know what I mean) Still managed to get 3 questions wrong, 4 if you count the Apple One, we decided to play it safe and write iPhone/iPod instead of just iPhone.
The 6 teams to qualify were-
DPS Faridabad, DPS Noida, DPS RK Puram, Springdales, and the 6th team(Who’se name I still don’t remember).
Dps Vasant Kunj and Montfort were given special recognition, supposedly they missed qualifying by just 1 mark.I think they both got T-shirts.
Since as usual, I had nothing extremely special to do in the finals, I tried to write down most of the questions.
Hardly form a cohesive archive though, kept having to organize the idiots who had decided to disapear after the prelims and missed the bus back to school.
You can find the scraps here
Edit: I do have something to add, evidently I forgot to mention RKP won with Noida second.

Gave the SAT  Reasoning Test better known as the SAT 1 yesterday for the last time. Hopefully I would have finally gotten my Writing 800.Though the Math section was pretty bad, made two very stupid mistakes in section 2, (luckily one of them was a Grid-in) and ran out of time for 4 questions in section 6.
Also, convinced my dad to get the computer guy to come over-(for some freaky reason, I am not allowed to touch my own computer). Because of the same reason when he opened up the cabinet, it looked like a miniature desert. Complete with dust dunes. It also looked like it liked to use DustBunnies v2.0
Now that the readership of this humble publication has dwindled, I’m spending a little more time on twitter- twitterfox is a useful addon for firefox, though i hate the fact that I can’t move the pop-up around.
Walked around green park looking for a case for my Cowon D2 today- surprisingly I found it in the most unlikely place- picked up a Sony Handycam case- though the pouch is slightly bulky, it encompasses pockets for both the stylus and extra memory cards(Not that I have any, but I like having the option), though the only way I can carry my earbuds(iAudio, soon to  be Senn cx300 or i8) is to wrap them up and place them between the player and the flap. Would have been nice to get a silicon screen so as to be able to operate the device without sliding it out of the case, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.
spent some time at the phone store and saw the samsung Omnia… Does not exceed expectations, pretty crappy phone, I mean stylus? that’s so passe.
Preparations for TCS are blowing full steam, now that my SAT is over, I can spend multiple hours on the internet. Even qualifying for the final 6 would be awesome, but with so many good quizzers in Delhi I doubt we’ll do it.
Sharukh Khan gave a pretty nice interview on NDTV obviously you can catch it off the many re-runs that NDTV likes to show or you can do the sub-legal thing and get it here 
2  nice things I noticed in my google account- google has started something called Labs, basically, they uploaded a whole bunch of utilities that are in the works, basically you try them out and according to the response, they just might be implemented full time. Thankfully in case your google acount somehow FUBARs due to these Labs, you can visit Google minus the labs and still access your account.
the google help centre says
[quote]Gmail labs aren’t yet compatible with all of our supported browsers. Labs are available only in Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.0+, and Google Chrome. You won’t see a ‘Labs’ tab in your Settings if you’re not using the newer version of Gmail on the browsers listed above. Please note that if you’re using Internet Explorer 6.0, you will not have Gmail Labs.[/quote]
though I’ve used them on IE 8, Fx 3 and Safari without any hitches.
Personally i like the “Custom Keyboard Shortcuts”, “Mouse Gestures”, “Email Addict”,”Right Side Chat”,”Right Side labels”,”Mail Goggles”,”Custom Label Colours” and something that cures an ailment even more embarressing than Tourette’s- I call it IdiotsForgetToAttachEmails-ism basically, its when I write an email thinking I’m going to send a message with an attachment and in the end send it without attaching file. What this gadget does is that as long as you mention “attachment” in your main text body, it’ll give you a pop-up saying something to the tune of- ‘attach your file moron’.
More later… Statistics calls me.