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Monthly Archives: February 2009

My apologies to Shinji Mikami for copyright infringement. Also to all hopefulls, this post is not relevant to the widely successful series of games/movies.
The past couple of weeks have been intense.  8-10 hours a day of studying trying to clear up all my class 11 fundas before 12th starts off in earnest, coupled with a few hours of anime and COD2 multiplayer means I’m getting only about 2-4 hours of sleep a day.
The proceedure to select our new school appointments (“Prefectorial Body” if you want to be pedantic) and today we had to undergo ‘psycho-analysis’  while I walked in worried about them finding out about my homicidal tendencies- I walked out having given the most generic psychological test I’ve ever seen. approximately 200 questions- multiple choice, the only intresting question was “Would you rather admire the beauty in a painting or a shiny new revolver”. Tomorrow will be the second round- the actual interviews. is kinda on a hold right now as most of the others have exams.
For the longest time- I’ve been arguing with a bunch of VMC students who believe that when you fall you’re wieghtless. I mean seriously- what do those guys teach them? I mean common logic will tell you that if you were wieghtless, you wouldn’t be falling. period. Sure the lack of a significant normal reaction will mean that you feel like you’re wieghtless- doesn’t mean you are.
And to top it off- my english is degrading. Me not saying me are dumbo- but it took me 5 minutes to come up with ’embodiment’ in english class- and I couldnt differentiate between enunciate and pronounce. Its scary.

So to summarize it all- life’s just as crazy as ever. paranoia can now be added to my list of flaws.
Peace Love Empathy-
(Kurt Cobain Wannabe)