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Monthly Archives: March 2009

To quote The free encyclopedia “Murphy’s Law is an adage in western culture that broadly states Everything that can go wrong will go wrong”. “Adage”, is an understatement.
I’d like to introduce intrepid readers to an organisation called ThinkQuest. Funded I believe entirely by Oracle, they host an annual international website design competiton. Thing is, the competiton starts in August of a particular year, continuing till April of the next. The thing is, due to *some* reasons* (Mainly our own laziness) we didn’t find out/start to do anything about it until perhaps 3 days ago. The submission date is the 2nd of April.
Anyway, walking into the lab today and we get a couple of nasty surprises- The lab technician (sarcasm)God Bless his soul(/sarcasm) decided to delete our xampp server because “The system had too many viruses”. This would not naturally be a  problem, except for the fact that the only .jpeg version of the final site logo was in the fricking folder!
Next up- the internet refused to work.
THEN- the installations of photoshop and swish refuse to work because “User files” were missing.(Techguy at work again!). Slightly irritated, we decide to move the files to another system and work on them there. The magnum opus of it all. Some wiseass decided to lock all our files with folder-lock. So basically, we’re up shits creek without a paddle, with no flash, images or anything whatsoever to show for the last 4 days of work. Whoop-di-fricking-do.

Also, my mother wants her iPod loaded up. Now I’ll have to return her PX100’s. Added to the fact that I broke my CX 95’s, Im having to survive with the free kingfisher earbuds-the ones you get in every flight. Pity me please.
FIITJEE re-shuffle test is coming up, I never attended in class 11 and missed a couple of phase tests, so will probably end up in X8.


I’d like to introduce Rajeev Raza, a fellow dipsite, amazing editor and great friend. Follow him on Twitter he’s recently starting blogging find it here. For all interested, WOT means Wheel of Time. it’s actually an amazing fantasy-fiction story, in about 11 parts. He took about a year and a half to release each part leading to much humuor about him dying before he finished it.(Much to our chagrin, he did) The final part is being completed by his wife. For those who already knew that, Baah.
A new sport in our school, much enjoyed by our juniors is “Hit each other with shoes” wierdly enough, they run around, taking their shoes off, throwing them at each other, grabbing other peoples shoes,  and throwing them at their owners. Its mildy entertaining to watch.
IIT Madras has a fest going on, a part of it being online- The picture IQ is extremely addictive (I got stuck on 12) The contest ends at midnight tonight. They have other competitions too, a programming contest, a visual editing contest etc etc. Check em out at
Final thought : Preperation books for SAT II are horribly expensive.

Ok, this is a bit of an inside joke, so anyone not from DPS mathura road, don’t expect to get this.

The adventures of V-man and the U-kid :The Prologue
Let me introduce V-man and his trusty side-kick the U-kid. Scene today in school. A bunch of kids are fighting. With a most super-hero like yell V-man jumps to the rescue. U-kid looks on hopefully. Using his most faithfull weapon, The Nod of Death V-man subdues the fight. Yells something about a “compro” U-kid giggles in the back-ground. Turns out the kids weren’t fighting anyway.

Scene Shift.
Its late in the afternoon. The last period to be exact. V-man and U-kid are discussing plans to welcome the 10thies back from thier boards. They assume cries of “Hail the conquering Heroes” will not be sufficient. Things get political. A portly kid, an irritating girl and A-boy walk up. U-kid uses his secret weapon : The ultra-sonic giggle to scare them away as V-man looks on. A-boy uses his non-sensical skills to kick footballs at everybody. The bell rings, people go home.
V-man congratulates U-kid on a job well done.

Weird perhaps, But this stuff really happened.
In other news, Phoenix has landed on mars,Nick Sakozy has a thing for chicks in bikinis(Oh, I never knew), I registered for the SAT II in june, I have no idea when MJKPS’ Cyberfest will happen and the person who took most of these needs to go see a doctor about his hand.

Its a badly kept secret that I’ve become slightly inactive about my blog. Sucks to that.
The past couple of weeks have been slightly wierd. SAT II prep+Fjee Reshuffle test prep means that I get very little free time. Halo Multiplayer means that even that is spent staring at a screen, moving a mouse and muttering “Will that fricking Banshee stop circling?”
I finally got a LOTR omnibus. Like I said on my Twitter Feed; “I’m in love”.
Some people may find that wierd- but some relative borrowed my mum’s first two books when I wasn’t overly protective about books (I don’t think I could read back then)- we never saw them again. Having had to borrow the book from an extremely irritating friend of mine, I only managed to read it perhaps 3 times. Now I own the series. Its SOO cool.*cough* (trying to act macho) I mean its O.K.
Participated in the Digit/Modern BK story writing competiton recently. Only managed to submit it at 11 pm on the deadline day, so it may not even be accepted. Plus I submitted it without the name of my teacher co-ordinator.
If you’re intrested(And I wouldn’t be) find the storyhere.
Be Warned though: Its extremely generic, crappy and over all lame. The only way I could give it some momentum was to keep it short and cut over parts.
Helping to organize an intra-school general quiz for the middle school. Having a serious problem deciding how hard to make the questions. Thankfully the teacher wants it to cover a broad range of topics.
Officially, I’m the New WarP President, with Ayush Chaudhry and Sagar Singh as VP and Sec.
Investiture ceremony practises are crappy.
I’ve decided to make all future posts, short, clipped sentences with no real point. Have fun reading that.

Got all excited the other day, apparently Dreamhosts was giving away free hosting for life. The catch- No FTP access. Oh whoop-di-do, doesn’t that just make you want to kick someone?
Anyway, Class 12th is blazing away as always, already had 2 tests and have seen like 10 people get suspended for playing with Eggs(Yes EGGS!, raw ones too) since Holi is coming up. Talk about retardedness. I mean no one minds a water ballon, but an egg? thats just disgusting. What was funny was to see the arrogant Fast Tracks guy get one right across the face.
Finally got my hands on the Access 2008 Archives, nothing’s very impressive, and since my scanner is acting up, there is no natural force on earth that’s going to convince me to type out the finals. you can however, find the prelims here.
Appointment interviews are were going full speed ahead, until guess what? The principal is now in Japan, and won’t be back till the 16th. Funny thing is the Investiture Ceremony was meant to be held on the 13th. I just don’t get it- The  school doesn’t have a large enough budget to get our tennis courts fixed (Despite the fact that we have a world rank no. 1 enrolled here) but we have enough to send Our Principal to JAPAN?
Something smells fishy.
Digit has a sort of “Sci-Fi Story Writing Competiton” coming up, the deadline is the 20th. Was thinking of writing something loosley based on the HALO series- I wonder if it’s allowed?