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Monthly Archives: April 2009

I’ve been using Norton Antivirus 2009 Gaming Edition for a while now, while I first got it because my dad was buying a bunch of licenses for his office (He offered me one free!), I was pretty happy with it. Today however, my beliefs in Symantec was shattered.

A little background info- Our school computers are riddled with viruses. (There was this tech guy, who always cried alot and didn’t believe in anti-virus options. This combined with the hosteler’s penchant to download all sorts of *things* resulted in a bunch of viruses including Conficker, Trojan Mourner_Operator.exe, something called W32.SillyFDC and a bunch of others) Today I plugged in my pendrive, to create the question papers for the Talent Hunt. So I go home, this one time, I forgot to boot into Ubuntu and delete the virus files. Anyway, I plug it into the system. Having switched AutoPlay off, I scanned it using the above mentioned Symantec product. Scanning, detected and repaired all the viruses, except for Trojan.Mourner. It basically said I needed to remove it manually. By then, the trojan starts acting up with my system. Thankfully TeaTimer prevented it from changing my registry and group policies.
Anyway, I click the “Get Help” option that Norton throws up to help you manually remove malware. It brings up this ugly page which basically tells me to update my virus definitions, run a full system scan and use system restore. Now, I’ve switched off system restore on all drives for a long time now, so I figure that I manually undo the changes it would have done. I could ignore the registry edits because of TeaTimer.
Anyway, I updated my definitions, ran a scan- only for it to throw up the same report telling me to remove it manually. Anyway, I undid all the changes that the trojan made, and rescanned. Surprise Surprise, the bugger was still there. I click “get help” again. It tells me to do the exact same thing. So I do. No change. Finally I get sick of Norton Antivirus and download Mcafee Stinger and KAS’s 30 day trial. Ran the stinger, then installed KAS. The bastard goes and uninstalls Spybot S&D; so the bloody trojan changes my registry as well. Then having done all the damage, the installer crashes. Frantic now, I search for the AVG installer I have somewhere.  Install it, run it, bastard insists on updating first. Run the scan. It detects the file. Access to it is denied. IM ON A FUCKING ADMIN ACCOUNT! but it’s still useless.
I have only one hope left short of a system format. Hopefully Avira will get rid of it. Im downloading as I write this, will bring updated information later.
Pray for my data.


I usually never know what to say to Christians about Easter and Good Friday, technically didn’t their “Son of God” die ?
Anyway, thanks to Good Friday, Easter, Dr Ambedkar’s birthday and the arrival of a German delegation to our school, I was able to take a 5-day weekend (That’s as long as a regular school week). Great right? Not really. I had my second Reshuffle test on Sunday(The same day as the JEE, supposedly to give us the “feel” of giving the main paper  next year), Paper 1 was OK at best, Paper 2 though went really well(Completely Mechanics and Organic), and I have exams in little over a week, for which I haven’t studied/attended classes.
I’ll scan and upload all 4 papers soon (read: once I get off my butt ) But I doub’t you’ll see any really GOOD questions. Most of them were from the Archive(Fiitjee’s booklet of the last 25 years papers.) as a result people who mugged up the solutions will do really well.
The Sunday’s Paper with solutions is here :Paper 1 and Paper 2.  They were uploaded to the FIITJEE site at midnight on the 12th of April, so I doubt the errors will have been fixed. I’ve skimmed through it and it does seem to conform to the hard copy I got from a friend. (His paper went well, or so he says)
The WarP Talent Hunt will probably be held at the start of next month, once we get the details all tidied up.

Reading a few Star Wars books, made me think- does the word Alien still have relevance “In a Galaxy Far Far Away” ?
Think about it.

Not everyone would go see Fast and the Furious 4 two days before their Fiitjee reshuffle test. Honestly, I figure that since I didn’t study all of eleventh, two days before a test isn’t the best time to start.
Its been a slow week- studying for sure, but I’m aiming towards the SAT II’s in June rather than Fiitjee. As I’ve already mentioned, I saw Fast and the Furious 4 at Rajouri Garden yesterday. The movie wasn’t really great. I mean sure, it had the hot chicks and hot cars, but the director seems to have been deluded enough to believe that the cast could act. Im not going to give away any spoilers, but I would ask you to give it a miss.
Been listening to a lot of RHCP lately, It irritates me that I can’t keep all my music on my baby but I’ve started keeping pre-set playlists for all my moods(Blinding Flash of the Obvious. I know.) and it takes me roughly 10 minutes to load one on it. This birthday I’m hoping to get a couple of SD cards so I can hot-swap. I’ve been burning my entire music collection for a friend, Bullshit I know ( Burning 10 DVD’s is a B*tch, Thankfully I’m in ogg not FLAC).
We finished the thinkquest site, and submitted it, Formatted both my pendrives with a very large smile. I’d honestly be extremely happy to format each of the school computers personally.  I mean those viruses screwed us over so badly, it isn’t even funny. Missed a solutions test in Chem mainly because of that, will have to ask the teacher if I can give it later.Also I lost my version of Death Magnetic so if anyone has the Guitar Hero version in FLAC I’d like to *borrow* it.
Dreams of my Father is an interesting read, though I’d ony recommend it if you have a ‘Bama obsession as large as U-kid’s is.
Gmail has officially turned 5, the official google blog makes a very good point- You can send email attachments today, that are 4 times the size of the average mailbox just 5 years ago. It also reminds me of a picture I have-

 The big clunky thing is what 1 Gb looked like in 1998. I don’t know how accurate it is(and it might be, because of the small leaflet in the bottom), but i sure looks cool.
My mother took a break from her wierd theories about how I’m so screwed up to watch a huge The Big Bang Theory marathon. Two seasons,36 episodes, 22 minutes each = 13 hours of hell. Swimming starts in a week. Woohoo!