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Monthly Archives: May 2009

“CosmoLearning is a website created with the goal to provide a free online school which can be used by students, teachers, homeschoolers and self-learners alike anywhere in the world.” Basically I came across this website while I was looking up The Gauss Theorem today. It is an amazing website, has a couple of hundred videos, all recorded from lectures, classrooms etc from universities, colleges and schools all over the world. The site is currently in beta(Who isn’t these days?) and has a login/register feature, but it isn’t necessary to watch videos or browse the site.
I haven’t had much time to play around with the site, but what I saw sure impressed me. They’ve got all sorts of subjects. I’d recommend seeing this one, 8.02 Physics Electricity and Magnetism
The videos aren’t close to replacing textbooks, but they’re seriously awesome. And they’ll help some of “you” (People who believe things are weightless while falling) get your head screwed on straight.
check it out.


So the June date for the SAT is coming up and since most of the people I know will be giving it then, I thought I’d upload the 6 practise papers from the Official Online Course and save you 60 USD. I got these a year ago, so they may or may not be the same from this year’s papers.
Get them here I caution you, it is an 8 Mb download.

Incidentally, the guy in the picture, (Not that anyone cared.) was Keith Moon. Drummer for The Who, famous for blowing up his kit after a set.

Ok, I’ve been leading a pretty reclusive life lately, sticking mainly to studying for the majority of the day. As a result In a thinly veiled attempt to increase the number of hits to my blog, I’m going to post a picture of a rock/jazz/blues god every two days. First person to name the guy, and the band he belonged to wins a cookie. (You know those Oberoi ones, with the hard cookie on the outside but the soft cake-y thing on the inside, retail for 50 bucks a pop?) Well you’re not getting those.

We’ll start off with a simple one, This guy was one of the most amazing drummers ever.

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Now that I’ve officially shifted to WordPress, I want to mark this day as a momentous occasion. True to that thought I needed to record some sort of phrase, something that epitomizes this new paradigm in the world of blogging. Here it is

“Welcome to the Walrus”

Please note: watch out for small spoilers below

Met up with A-boy, U-kid and N-dude today. Went to watch Watchmen. (Pun intended). Now the ticket lady is like “I hope you don’t have any minors with you”. Looking at her, I originally thought she was joking- turns out she was dead serious. How many minors do you know, that while going for an A-rated movie, will agree that they’re minors ? Anyway, I mumbled something, grabbed my tickets and turned away.
One good thing about Anupum, is that the security guard isn’t neurotic. I mean the last time I saw a movie(Fast and the Furious 4) we ended going to the PVR in Rajouri Garden (In some mall called TDI?), the guard there was freaky- we became a little too intimate, [If you know what I mean].
The movie itself isn’t to great- It’s a great Superhero movie, but I wouldn’t classify it as a great movie. The dialogs were pretty cliched, as were some of the charecters, but the visual effects were truly cool [And I’m not talking about The Scene(you know which one my perverted mind means)] and the ending was kinda nice. I liked the fact that the guys didn’t exactly win. The movie could have been a lot better though, I’ve heard that the comics were extremely dark. This movie was kind of Kurt Cobain meets Candyland.
Some really cool things were the Apple II that Pyramid used. and the small scene from the 1984 add. I wish that the replica of Ramesses statue had the text in original coptic instead of english.
I want my own mutated tiger with the long ears/horns.

One of the last dialogs of the movie is that “Nothing ever ends” anyone see the irony in that ?

so after the movie, we decided to go bowling. At FutureBowl [Some Really Bad history here. The last time I came, I ended up loosing 3 air hockey pucks in three successive shots]. Anyone who seen me bowling knows two things- a. I suck at bowling. b. The floor of a bowling lane is REALLY strong. you see when I bowl, I don’t just roll along across the lane[Where’s the fun in that ? ] in my hands the ball becomes a projectile, lands halfway down the lane and then proceeds.
So on my second last try, for some strange reason – the ball lands 3 quarters down the lane and goes for a strike. My first and only. Flushed with adrenalin I grabbed the same ball [It was green. Sadly it wasn’t fuzzy] ran exactly the same way and launched the ball again. It developed a sudden affinity for the gutter. Twice in a row.