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Monthly Archives: June 2009

I had bit of a vacation lately, spent most of my time tinkering with python and watchng anime. I’ve always been a fan of the FullMetal Alchemist and Blood series, recently I started watching Hayate No Gotoku as well. Its fricking hilarious, makes fun of a lot of popular japanese trends. Very tongue-in-cheek and breaks the fourth wall frequently.

I’d advise everyone to watch it.

Joined NovelRace, though I’ve barely written 500 words, curious to see how far I go, since I’m not a very good writer.

Waiting for my SAT score, should arrive tonight on

My grandfather is a very intelligent man, for some reason however, put him infront of a keyboard and screen and suddenly he turns into a child. I mean the man who can name all the bones in the body can’t figure out that to login to his gmail account he has to click login. and spam being what it is, he recieves shitloads of email. Most of which contains porn. So this weekend, he comes over to our house and checks his email, downloads all the attachments, realizes that they’re porn and deletes them. Only one problem, my system now has more viruses than a pox ridden whore. Spent most of my time yesterday in Jaunty backing up data, deleting any files I didn’t recognise. Hopefully today I won’t have to perform a system format, lets see.

I’ve been trying to write a history of rock music for an article in the school mag. Not doing any research, i’ve already reached close to 5 pages(Calibri, size 10, single spaced) and I haven’t gotten past the Eighties. No wonder my friends call me long winded.

Anyway, in the words of Eric Cartman De ir al infierno!


Ok, so internet explorer 8 has been out for a while now, there is however some good news- for every download of the software(which is available free) Microsoft will supposedly be donating 1.15$ to Feeding America, a charity that works towards feeding starving Americans.

So please, lay aside personal prejudices, ignore the psycho-somatic symptoms and just download the exe from Browsersforthebetter. Then, once the download has finished proceed to delete the .exe and never think about it again.

Read the official press release here

What I find extremely irritating about this is the blatant advertisement. I would have prefferred something more straight up instead of go for the entire 8 meals thing. Anyway, just download the damn file.

Kudos to S.Iovene for this

Ok, I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and I have to tell you, its simply awesome.



The game is a sequel to the Squad Based FPS Rainbow Six 3 and retains most of the elements of the series.

I’m playing the dopeman release, which means unfortunately I don’t get the vid of the mission briefings, you can still read the text though, and have access to all the intel maps. Which by the way, is pretty useful- it stops you from running around the building after you’ve killed all the thugs with guns and are looking for your extraction point.

Your squad’s AI isn’t great- I mean, you’re commands are pretty basic all you can do is command the entire squad at a time instead of commanding one person. This can be overcome (in a way) by issuing multiple commands at the same time, there are some flaws though- since I ensure there’s always a guy with a heavy machine gun and a shotgun in the squad, it can be irritating to see the guy with the shotgun staying back and providing (highly ineffective) cover.  Also, unless there’s a door, you can’t ask your squad to clear the room you just stepped into.

The door breach maneouver is pretty cool if a little unrealistic- ask them to throw in a flashbang before clearing the room and you can pretty much ensure that your teammate will invariable get shot. I mean how hard is it to blow the door down and throw the grenade in WITHOUT waiting 10 mintues and screaming out “GRENADE’S IN!”. Also you want to step away when anyone throws a phosphorus grenade, (alternatively you can run around on fire, which is what I choose to do)

Weapon selection is nice, it even contains the Tavor, G36M4A1, and the Classic M16 with some attachments. Ofcourse the classic MP5 is included as well, but I didn’t find the weapon very impressive.

What’s nice during Weapon selection is the “Equip To Team” option which allows me to give each team member a USP 45 Tactical with what looks like the Surefire attachment- however, even when aiming down the barrel, you don’t see the classic red dot. What would have been nicer is limited ammunition for the secondary weapon as well, maybe even a K-bar. Instead you can blast away for as long as you want, as long as you reload in between.

All in all, R6:Lockdown is a great, not too difficult game Even on Challenge[The game’s equivalent of the Hard difficulty level] you can complete the missions with your team dead, without too much extra trouble. Couple of things I missed were the inability to pick up your opponents guns, take ammo or supplies from your teammates or the fact that once a teammate dies- he’s still available for future missions.

I wish My system could play Vegas.

In  other news- is finally gaining some headway, but with BDFL OoC [due to chicken-pox] I forsee a slowdown.

So Rajeev Motwani is dead. Whoop-di-doo. apparently he decided to go swim in his backyard pool, even though he didn’t exactly know how to. Pretty stupid for a Stanford Proff. Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it?

In other news, I had a birthday. Stayed over at Ramneek’s house for a day and got a guitar. Been a little busy with shit, so don’t have much time to finish this.

So Vaya Con Dios Y Ilevarlo Con Usted

ps learning how to tune a guitar while being tonedeaf is hard.