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Monthly Archives: July 2009

So, tried to give the toefl today and I have to say that it was unreservedly the worst test I have ever given. Now, most people know this test was important to me, skipped a bunch of things that I would have otherwise loved to do and quite generally fucked my life over giving practise tests at 3 in the morning. So today being D-day, I was pretty happy. Woke up feeling fine, was slightly worried about the speaking section, but hey.

So anyway, I reached the centre slightly early, even ran into a friend of mine. The test begins and uptil now, everything’s been pretty hunky-dory. I breezed through the reading and listening sections, took copious notes, generally started to feel pretty good. My break time started, I walked out  to *ahem* attain equilibrium and ran into some guy whose test was going to be rescheduled due to the ETS server failing.(503 errors), so I chat with the guy for a while, then proceed to walk back towards my seat. The tech walks over to enter the password for me to continue and Loh and Behold! my keyboard stops working, no big deal right? Wrong. For some reason, he can’t swap the keyboard with one from one of the un-used machines. So like everyother person who encounters a problem on windows, the first thing he does is restart the computer (All the while knowing that the ETS server is offline, and I will not be able to reconnect), this time around, the keyboard starts working, obviously the toefl iBT program does not. So instead of doing something productive (like calling ETS) he sends me outside the testing room to wait for an hour, and watch a bunch of idiots (most of them over 30) learn C.

Finally, they call me back into the centre, and make me sit infront of the fucking workstation for 20 minutes waiting for the stupid program to update itself from the local server. It screws up again. At this point of time its close to 2, and I hadn’t touched the fucking computer since 12. They ofcourse proceed to tell me to go home, ask them about a reschedule and they pretend to have never heard that particular collection of syllables used in that way before. After roughly half an hour of arguing, I finally get them to call ETS and arrage a re-schedule, then went home. Hopefully, they’ll call me tomorrow and tell me when to show up, or I plan to raise Cain.

So yes, the test was terrible. Lets see.


So, regular readers of my blog (A highly elusive animal, but they do exist. Or atleast I hope they do.) will know of my obsession with a particular Mp3 player called the Cowon D2 and that like the gayest fanboy ever, go around calling it my baby. So anyway, I finally bought an iAudio leather case for it, I can stop being so finicky about scratches when it’s in my pocket now. The case itself is pretty nice, though since I had it shipped from Lipap (it cost me 1299, all inclusive) I didn’t really have an idea of what it looked like. the salesman had described it as beige, though it looks more like a grey. very glad I didn’t take what he described as the “greenish-looking ‘un”. What disapoints me is the lack of a small inbuilt screen protector. I mean sure, the Cowon D2 is a touchscreen, and it does need considerable force to register a click, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to have like a thin, plastic foil or something. Guess I won’t be getting rid of the temporary peel-away screen protector for a while.  The rest of the case is a rather practical (if unoriginal design), a small magnetic clasp opens to allow acces to the touchscreen, though the leather has already been cut for easy access to all the buttons, earphone jack and mic. A seperate, side clasp gives me easy access to the slightly flimsy mini-usb port cover and lets me slide the D2 out extremely quickly (Usefull, if you need to dodge guards/teachers while carrying the D2 to school), so overall I’m pretty happy with my baby’s first clothes, thinking about getting some artisticly minded individual to modify the thing for me.  Wish the salesman had had black in stock though.

Over the last few months, while the world slept- a revolution was quietly Brewing. 12 people, gathered over the twisty trails of the internet to create a resource that the quizzing scene has seen (pun intended) only rarely (If ever) before.
Thus was born, a literal forum created by quizzers and for quizzers. Now, Ankur has already spoken about what is here. So I’d rather focus on what it is NOT.

1. is not a Quizzing League. We do not have any league tables, no-one’s keeping score there’s really “Nothing Official About It”. Simple concept- people post questions and other people post the answers, it isn’t fancy or high-brow, just down to earth simple quizzing, with a friendly-atmosphere. Something that we all felt the Delhi quiz scene was sadly lacking.

2. We’re not Delhi-centric. While was started to stimulate the delhi quizzing scene, while aiming to bring it to a level equivalent to that in various cities around India, we are no where near Delhi centric. We plan on making it a pan-india forum, though because of geographical convenience, we will hold most of the IRL meetings(If they happen) in Delhi.

3. We are not a SSC. the 12 moderators are spread almost evenly across multiple schools in Delhi, and none of us intend this to be a single school affair. Infact, as the charter states, we intend to promote quizzing in all schools.

4. We are not Rothschilds. All the funds required for hosting,maintainance etc are currently provided by Ankur, we are not currently sponsored by any company, nor do we intend to be in the near future.

That’s basically all I can think of, the project itself has had its minor falls, however, we have also had our major lift. Expect a shitload of content in the next couple of weeks. So log on, give it a try and tell us what you think @ contact[at]

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So, finally after 3 days of attending no classes, furiously battling students that changed the administrator passwords on a whim, the viruses that roam our school’s computers and the hectic lab schedule the WarP Talent Hunt for this year is over. The member list will be considerably shorter this year, with us removing the flab (You know, the type of kids that are technically members, but serve only as escorts during WarP itself). Its been a weird week, we usually ended up installing a different software (First 7-zip, then Foxit then some crap or the other) to ensure my grand idea of having password protected files with a pdf of instructions inside actually worked. Of-course they didn’t work, basically because of poor organisation on my part. The interviews were fun though.

I technically have a phase test on sunday, though its one I’ll probably end up skipping because of TOEFL on the 25th. Rather busy the end of may, with Tagore International, Mother’s International, Montfort and DPS Noida happening roughly around the same time, plus the COQ, the Mod Quiz and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Our school seems to have contacted Wipro to get some sort of server, though I honestly don’t see the point what with all the viruses. Honestly, the only thing our computer labs need is a thorough formatting and some avast/avg/avira. Just wish the god-darned boarders would scan their pendrives before downloading and copying all the crap that they do.

In other news I finally decided on a computer project, will be creating a sort of music management software, though I have absolutely no idea how I’m actually going to play the file.  I’m told id3 tags are stored in the last 128 bytes of an audio file, or is that just mp3? Either way, I’ll probably have to use file pointers or something.

In memory of Murphy!

The Hindustan Times ran a story today titled “G8 consideres a new stimulus package” or the like, and just below they printed the following picture

So Obamas checking this girl out, and Sarkozys quietly smirking ;)

So Obama's checking this girl out, and Sarkozy's quietly smirking 😉

The girl in question is called Maya Tavares and has since become one of the hot search topics on the web.

Unfortunately this video by MSNBC proves his innocence. Makes you think though doesn’t it?

In other news, WarP finally seems to have sparked off, two events coming up, one at Tagore International, the other at The Indian School. Our Talent Hunt finally seems to be happening and the new site is almost up and ready to go.

Got a few important things coming up, Fiitjee phase test on the 19th and a couple more papers around that time.