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Monthly Archives: August 2009

It was inevitable.  Not too long ago, A Swedish court ordered PirateBay to shut down. Today, Mininova was ordered to remove all of its illicit content by a court in Utrecht.  Check out the article by Wired! here and the story by Ars here. Mininova now has 3 months to remove all of its good content or has to pay another ridiculously high fine.  Now, most of us weren’t surprised when PirateBay was forced to shut down, lets face it- they publicly told the legal world to go fuck itself. This verdict however, opens the flood doors and tells the world unequivocably, that even companies that bend over and remove content in a youtube like fashion aren’t safe.

With the death of TorrentSpy, trackers left the states, soon trackers will eventually leave europe. They’re running out of places to run to.

With TPB gone, Mininova gone and IsoHunt gone, Semi private and private trackers can’t be far off. Something needs to be done.


With the school being what it is, and most teachers being what they are, the school recently uploaded the Date Sheet for the Half Yearly Exams in September to the sch0ol’s site, which is inherently useless.

Because a bunch of people had trouble retrieving it, i’ve put it up for you guys on Scribd.

To put it delicately, our principal isn’t exactly the sharpest arrow in the quiver. (Thats a David Gemmel Quote FYI, his Troy series is fricking awesome!). Quick to jump on public bandwagons, his latest cross to bear is Swine Flu. Our Grand Pooh-bah has been almost literally petrified by the fact that someone in HIS school could come down with it. Its absolutely ridiculous. Not only has he cancelled all interschool events that we were planning to hold/go to. He actually announced to the school that anyone with a cough and a cold could happily take a holiday all week. Its embarrassing, all a hosteler has to do to get an outing these days is to walk outside the hostel warden’s room and sneeze a bit. (Its unconfirmed, but I’m told she charges out with an outing at a velocity that would make most cheetah’s drool and stutter), a far cry from a time when she actually considered cancelling people’s outings because they “went for too many interschool competitions”. All assemblies have of course been cancelled, but I’m told they will now be conducted over the schools PA system (An antiquated mike attached to speakers so terrible that Genghis Khan would shudder) which is frankly retarded. Has anyone even bothered to tell him that containing something like Swine Flu is virtually impossible within a school environment? He might as well shut down all schools in Delhi and go live under a rock for the next few months.

On a related note, The other day, our teachers took us to see the principal so we could inform him of the kickass job WarP is doing. So what does he do? He decides to reward us, not with books, better badges or even co-op from the transport department, but with T-shirts, which have 1949-1999 written on them. Yes they were 10 years old. and get this, the XL (size of the T-shirt I got) is actually smaller than the L or even the M.  That my friends is just how retarded our school is.

Personally I plan to take a long siesta. If I take a holiday tomorrow, I get the benefits of a 4 Day Weekend (Something so rare that its benefits absolutely can not be understated) and go over the basics of Organic Chemistry again.

¡hasta luego!

Disclaimer : The Following post contains trace amounts of arrogance, brashness, impudence and shit only knows what else. Consider yourself warned.

So everyone knows what two out of three is right? (If not, check out the post title). Out of the three events it participated in this year, WarP has won 2 overall trophies, the first at DPS Noida and the second at Minet 2009. By my count, RKP has won 1 (Out of 4) and Dwarka 2. Not  too put too fine an edge on it, but that is kick ass.

WarP this year seems to have built a solid team, with a bunch of junior members that are truly awesome – they’ve been winning across the board, a far cry from the start of this year where I could count the number of junior members on one hand.

So yes, this year is WarP’s year. Boo-Yah!

Ok, most people know that I’m very vague when it comes to religion. However, this post has nothing to do with my religious affiliation. I recently picked up (figuratively ofcourse) a game called Black and White 2. I have to say, this game is now firmly in my list of the-most-amazing-games-ever. Why is it so awesome you ask? Simple, you get to be a God- Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. Its the hugest ego kick ever.  Bigger even than stealthily slitting throats or blasting alien hordes with your MA5B, want to make your people do nothing but breed all day? you can do that. Want to punish your people by crushing them and their houses? throw a boulder on them.  Want to just fuck with someone’s mind?  isolate someone, and move trees into a circle around them, sit back and watch them squirm, trying to get out. Its fricking hilarious.

The cover itself shows you just how awesome this game is.

The cover itself shows you just how awesome this game is.

The game has pretty moderate system requirements, keeping everything on medium, even my modest system(p4, 512, 7300GT) can run it without a hitch, though loading times are a little long.

The game starts out with a pretty awesome cutscene, after which you’re asked to choose an animal to be your representative in the world. You can choose amongst an ugly looking monkey, a scrawny lion, a pretty awesome wolf and the cutest cow ever. Your advisers in this world are an angel and a demon that exchange light banter from time to time. you can decide to go for the tutorial, or skip it, though if you skip it, you won’t gain the free tribute. Tribute is important as it allows you to ‘buy’ miracles that your creature can perform. Your creature is pretty much a reflection of your state- as your area of influence grows, the creature grows larger and depending on your actions can be good or evil. Different tribes have their own mascots which also become more powerful as the game progresses.

Early on in the game, your patron city is destroyed by the aztecs which is strange, considering that I had until that point thought that we were some Greek/Mediterranean deity. Your duty at the point of time is basically to grab everyone you can and flee for your lives, though ofcourse you get to kill some aztecs before you do. Your advisers take you to some settlement presumably in the norse regions of the world, where your job is to repopulate and strengthen your city until you’re strong enough to tell the aztecs to go show it.

The game mechanics are pretty nice, dropping boulders from high in the air will cause them to fall and crush anything that was beneath them. Unfortunately, you can’t pick people and throw them, no matter what you do, if you pick someone up, he’s going to land safely on both feet. Black and White 2 is just fricking awesome, you should play it for the ego kick.

In other news, finally got confirmation of my TOEFL reschedule, its now on the 30th of August- so yeah, my life is pretty much screwed. Been meaning to talk to teachers for recos and stuff, just haven’t gotten down to it yet. Sagar and I won 2 quizzes in a row now, the first at E-spice and the second at Montfort School. The second one was important, because Montfort was the school where our tradition of always clearing the prelims but copping out in the finals started. WarP this year is looking pretty good, we’ve already won 1 overall, and I think came close to winning another at Montfort (We had 2 firsts, don’t think anyone else did). Minet is coming up soon now, hopefully we’ll get that one as well.