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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Just filling in for my posting duties, haven’t posted in a while –

Yesterday marked’s first IRL meetup. For once in my life I had a driver at my disposal(My grandmother’s while she’s in the states) so I assumed I’d be able to make it there with minimal difficulty. Obviously the vagaries of fate would scorn at any sort of fortune so I ended up circling the damned block for roughly thirty minutes while I looked for the place. With all the damned construction going along, and reflection, I must have passed the door atleast three times without even seeing the sign. Finally walked in to crowded costa (Ankur’s already talked about why), and had to try and wrangle 7 seats. Obviously a far cry from the expected 20.

The meeting went rather well, though the combined effect of me screaming out obscenities and Ankur’s Pj’s landing us into fits of convulsive laughter, landed us with a shitload of odd looks. I’d like to say we got a lot of work done.

A point that came up (Almost inevitably, with @ankurb and @crystalunicorn there) was Linux. Frankly speaking I don’t think its ready to become mainstream, yes the software in itself is great, but its nowhere close to being intuitive or even user friendly for non-literate computer users to use. It needs a lot of work in that aspect as does most OSS.

Hopefully will see itself out of the latest slump, we really need to boost the number of visitors, honestly I don’t think most of the people that left before September will be coming back, unless we do something really radical.

I recently saw a movie called “The Bulletproof Monk” and boy does it have everything you need to make a blockbuster – Nazi’s, a punk begging to be reformed, an invincible, knowledge dispensing monk that somehow tries to relate to the public and a relatively hot chick.

The movie starts out with a Tibetan Monastery thats attacked by a Nazi patrol, now I’m not a big history buff but when in the name of all that’s holy were the Nazi’s anywhere near Tibet in either of the wars? Did they just get airlifted in and out? Plus, the entire patrol gets killed by the aforementioned monk so only the leader is left standing (*Gasp* how original!) so how does he get back to civilisation? Thankfully the directors were spared from adding a little bit of realism by the credits. The movie cuts to what I assume to be 1998-2001 and our monk picks up a friend. He meets a pick-pocket, and in a completely original, non-clichéd manner stick around in an attempt to reform him. The pick-pocket runs into an australian mob boss with a love for euphemism’s concerning men’s private parts and obviously gets into an ad-hoc fight, having learnt martial arts by watching old japanese movies at this completely original run down chinese theatre. To cut a long, painful story short, the movie makes absolutely no sense, includes every single cliché you could think off, and the ultimate truth in the Universe can be expressed as “Why do hot dogs come in packets of 10, while hot dog buns come in packets of 8?” Obviously the answer is basically “you can’t always get what you want”. The prophet Jagger could have told me that.

In other news, had school exams bombed rather badly in each of them will love to pass. SAT 2’s coming up on October 10th, wondering how I plan on being prepard in time, since I’m giving all three on the same day.