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Monthly Archives: October 2009

This may not exactly be the world’s greatest secret, but staring abject failure in the face is absolutely the worst fucking thing in the world.

Ahlcon Public School in Mayur Vihar held its Symposium Silico Battles over the 28th and the 29th of this month. Unfortunately, we only found out that we were allowed to go on the 27th.  Whats worse, is that most of the stuff that we had to create, had to be brought to the event, rather than made on the spot. As a result, most, in fact all of the work we displayed was created perhaps two hours before the event.

The first day of the symposium, saw us take roughly twenty people to the school, thankfully this time the organisation on behalf of Samit and co. was pretty well done, so no large holdups at the registration desk (A far cry from last year, when we ended up waiting for roughly half an hour before we were let in). Thankfully, we had a smaller contingent of junior school students (1 exactly) and didn’t have to spend most of our time running around looking after(Read : for) them.

So we’re all done and settled in the auditorium, desperately creating our submissions on the two netbooks we had brought (strictly against the rules, but we had contacts a valid reason) when a couple of the events started. In retrospect, there’s very little I would not have given to be a participant in those events, simply because the unlucky bastards sitting in the audi were subjected to the most inventive form of cruel and unusual punishment known to man – The School Band. Now I don’t mean to sound like a snob, but that band was simply terrible. The instrumentalists were strictly o.k. but the singers honestly deserved to shoot themselves.   I think I can finally comprehend just how bad caterwauling truly is. The first number, Lips of Angel by Hinder had a bunch of high notes which the singer just completely failed to approach, let alone achieve.  Now I don’t know exactly what they were smoking but they actually thought they could actually pull off Smells like teen spirit (It sounds easy, but is one of the hardest songs to pull off correctly) honestly speaking, when Nirvana first recorded it, they had a guitarist, a basist and a drummer (David Grohl I think). Since then, I’ve seen people put 6 guitars and 2 drummers on the stage and still fail to do a decent rendition.  At Ahlcon, the singer just screamed. over. and. over. It got so bad, that the people from DPS Noida (sitting next to us) actually wrote “stop the torture” on the handouts we’d been given. Thankfully, no one asked for an encore.

The quiz, ah what a bastard it was. The prelim questions were extremely ambigous, We weren’t sure what they meant. Honestly, if someone were to ask you the “web applications of cloud computing” what the fuck what you say? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the entire premise of cloud computing revolved around the web. What are you asking for here? Unfortunately, Samit (who had made the quiz) was a little too busy (understandably) to help us out. Now, it doesn’t really hurt to loose against someone like Prateek Vijavargia or Anuj Bhardwaj, but when you loose against, teams that to the best of your knowledge, have never been to a quiz before, its like someone stabs a little dagger into your kidney and twists. I’d recommend everyone reading this blog to experience it sometime. (preferably, me being the person that beats you :P)

The other events went off rather usually, the flash presentation got raped, but somehow, the presentation for GSym, created moments before our guy went up on stage came third. A nice surprise was Kendriya Vidyalya sending two girls to participate. Its not something you see everyday.

So, the day ends and Ayush, gets yet another job offer, from some company called MobileMantra (One of the judges)

Very pleasant surprises over the last day have been two victories, first Aditya Mehta (The smartest SOB I know, seriously this kid is like in 5th and knows C++) won logo programming and Our junior quiz team, Akshay Kumar and Pritesh Gupta won.

Overall, I’d say the event went rather brilliantly, all things considered, though I still don’t understand how the hell they manage to get so many sponsors. Kudos to Samit and his crew, the event was organised rather slickly, though the chief guest arrived rather late, causing the symposium’s inaugration to be attended by a rather sleepy (It was right after lunch) crowd.

In other news, TCS is up next, and as usual we’re taking along close to a battalion of students, and as usual we came rather close to not attending. Them Clones is coming to a concert at The Garden of 5 Senses right after, so it should be fun.

Ps- If anyone knows of a store which is carrying Love.Hate.Heroes, please tell me, the planet M in South Ex is seriously fucked up.