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Monthly Archives: December 2009

All right all ye custards, looking towards these with apprehension and disapproval – Your Worst Nightmares have been realized.

The date sheets are out – check below for ones a la As far as i know, they correspond with the one published in the TOI today.

Class XII

Class X


Its been a crazy crazy couple of weeks. Writing essays, ensuring applications get sent, getting weird stuff signed by the school, even having to get a counselor re-fill my forms because she thought she knew me in the context of “An Obedient Student” rather than the school counselor.

To put things in a nutshell, I really should have listened to the people who warned me to finish them off mid November. Instead, I end up frantically trying to complete them in the second week of December, slap bang in the middle of my third term exams. Which if you couple with the two month long atrocity called my school’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, means I ended up doing extremely badly in them- which consequently means my mid year report (when I send it) is absolutely going to suck.  So yes, it is a messy cyclic life we lead. Somewhere in the middle, slipped out of school to attend Access at modern barakhamba (Which traditionally is the last event of the year) – stayed there till three, then had to leave before the SQ prelims because some very bright people thought they’d be better off starting the event prelims not only after an hour long lunch, but an extra hour late, while some other bright person had to run to attend a BT class.

Finally got my hands on the Them Clones album, quite obviously paid it forward. I’ll get around to writing a review if I get some time after the preboards. Just FYI though, Ignite and Walk Away (A Bonus track) is frigging awesome – better than most of the tracks on the album itself, except maybe The Bomb Song.

My cowon’s volume increase button seems to have become rather moody – you end up pressing it and praying the volume will increase, which caused me to hack it once again, installing Madman’s Serenity Flash Skin and Cassini’s Utopia Theme. Purpose is, now the volume control buttons on the top of the body are disabled, and the volume controls like everything else, become touch controlled, off’ve the screen. Another bonus is that all the buttons on the Now Playing screen have disappeared, and everything runs off a finger swipe (And not the type of swipe you’d make towards the guy who cuts in the line)

Preboard prep is rushing on full steam, though getting a 103 fever that refuses to respond to paracetamol but miraculously breaks at 2 A.M. supposedly because of 500 mg of Amoxycilin you took roughly 7 hours ago doesn’t exactly help. Recently picked up James Clavell’s A Children’s Story again, and really every time I read it, I discover something new. I’d recommend all of you people lazy enough to read this crap to pick that up. Though you might have trouble finding a copy  – it went out of print ages ago and you’re not going to get mine, especially if you’re one of those people that end up borrowing a book and clutching it in their oily talons for months without even opening it up (That means  U)

And now I need to get back to organic chem. Hurray.

By the way –  I apologize for most of my blog posts being rather, disorganized (The understatement of the century I know), Its just that I can’t be bothered to come up with a cohesive train of thought – especially for a blog that noone reads anyway.

Cheerio, and all that jazz…