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Monthly Archives: April 2010

So, the game was released Six, I repeat Six years ago and I’ve just gotten down to writing a review.  That, dear readers  is the true spirit of  procrastination!

To cut a long story short, Far Cry is truly awesome.

You play yet another mercenary – this one goes by the name of Jack Carver, who truly is the biggest Badass of them all. You have to admire someone who makes his way across an entire island, trying to rescue his erstwhile ‘lady love’ who turns out (Surprise Surprise) to be an undercover CIA agent working her own recovery mission. Taking out legions of armed guards, snipers, Helicopters and mutated animals – setting up ambushes, blowing them up with rockets or just filling them steaming piles of hot lead – doing it all in a Red Hawaiian shirt.

In terms of textures, the game is above and beyond most games of 2004, Even on my stuttering 7600 GS, each level looks pretty decent. One of the best things about the game is that it never freezes. There’s one load at the start of every level (And even on my puny 1 Gig of DDR, its pretty fast) after that  – you’re completely free to explore any part of the map you’re on. Jump over things, dive in puddles or trek up hills, you can pretty much do it all.

The Weaponry on the other hand is rather limited – A single Sniper Rifle,  Rocket Launcher, Handgun and Shotgun, but 4 different types of rifles. Why the four – I don’t know, range is almost exactly the same on each one. Only real difference is the rate of fire, the size of the magazine and the noise each makes. The SMG is by far the quietest weapon, the M4 the noisiest. Strange thing is, no matter what the weapon – As long as you’ve got your opponents head lined up in your sites, you’ll hit it. Its rather ridiculous, taking out snipers with a Desert Eagle.  Still I have to admit, there is a novelty there. Thankfully though, Far Cry is not one of those games {I’m talking about You, Half Life 2!} that makes you scrounge around like crazy looking for Ammunition – I was on max ammo most of the time, and I barely went around hunting. Even Health and Armour can be rather easily found, placed at convenient placer near almost every major firefight.

What really makes Far Cry Shine though is the enemy AI. Its really awesome even today, let alone for a game made 6 years ago. Your enemies, take cover and almost constantly try to flank you or sneak and attack you from behind.  Sadly, the AI does have a few holes in it – they can be rather easily fooled by this rather easy method –

1. Sneak Up to where the you believe the enemy to be – thanks to the really awesome sound effects, you can hear them on patrol or pick them up on your binoculars

2. Throw rock in a closest clearing, while hiding in a bush

3. You should see all of the enemy in the nearby vicinity rush towards the rock

4. Revel in Slaughter, Carnage and Sodomy. You don’t even need to aim, recoil will kill them all. Lather Rinse and Repeat

In the harder levels, there will usually be someone covering the bunched up group, but he’ll usually be so close to them that its irrelevant. Also, Enemies have a tendency to yell out cliches, giving out their position.

The Score for the game is unfortunately the only place where it falls flat. Its really just terrible. Cliched suspenseful noises stalk you irrelevant of whether you’re in an underground bunker, on top of a mountain or just in your enemy leader’s hut enjoying a cold cup of nothing while listening to the radio. The Sound Effects on the other hand are truly awesome – You can hear your enemies rummaging through the forests, and more importantly, the game reproduces the doppler effect – so the sound doesn’t seem to come from everywhere.Voice acting is crisp – slightly dull, no Freeman-like quirky quotes here, but well modulated.

So in conclusion, Play Far Cry. Its really an amazing game of the FPS genre and has its moments of brilliance. It falls in the sci-fi/suspense genre – no Alma running about in the shadows, but it does have moments that will make you jump. Or atleast sit very straight and alert in that reclining chair.


So, Basically had let the blog die – for various reasons, I’m back.

Expect more regular posts from now on.

In brief – started exercising again, college entrances are almost over – will probably be jetting off to illinois come august.