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Monthly Archives: June 2010

“Congratulations, you’ll receive your visa within 7 working days by courier.”

Relief flooded me.

A very simple word. 7 letters, barely two syllables, not exactly what anyone would call a mouthful.

It is such an understatement. The warm tingly feeling, that begins from the corners of your extremities and ends somewhere in the middle of the smack-pile that is you. That simultaneously makes you want to both shoot yourself in disbelief and hug everyone around (In the least Gay way possible of course). It’s like adrenaline on meta-amphetamines.

You never really get the exact implications of a phrase you use almost every day, until something major happens.

I still can’t get over it. Come August 10th, I’ll be jetting off to Illinois to study at The U of I. A friend of mine leaves for Cochin this weekend. Another will probably be in Lancaster in a few months, someone else in Indiana. Others will stick around in Delhi for a while, before jetting off to different parts of India, if not the world. It’s surreal.

It’s change.

In other news, held it’s first quiz ever. Iconoclastically called Quiz Number 1. The event had an amazingly large turnout – with roughly 80 people showing up to participate. Like almost every quiz I’ve been to, it had it’s share of controversies. But overall, I’d like to think that people had fun. (And that Amrit and Prateek didn’t throw their voices out for nothing). We also held an impromptu mod meet in CP – like every the single meetup we’ve had before this, the time spent discussing was remarkably little. Still, look forward to seeing some updates in the next few weeks.

On a side note, working in the FnB industry isn’t all that bad. What I found surprising is the amount of precision involved – a scoop of vanilla is (supposed to be) exactly 55 grams, a single shot of whipped cream is 33.3 mL. SOPs include everything from which side of the cup to put the spoon on (The right) to how many sachet’s of sugar you’re supposed to give with each drink, to exactly what temperature and pressure the espressos you draw have to be. It’s rather interesting truth be told.

My grand plans to learn how to cycle have not exactly kicked off yet – though should be making some major progress in that direction today.