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Monthly Archives: December 2010

It’s done. The last day of the semester, final exams, fourteen hour flights back to India – for little over three weeks, I’m back in Delhi.

I’m not going to lie, the last four months at U of I have possibly been some of the happiest moments of my life till date, and have included a bunch of firsts – my first snow (and various snow related activities), signing a lease for my first apartment, and my first time shooting JD, to nervously holding my breath as I wait to clear customs with two bottles of chivas blatantly displayed on my trolley at IGI (which seems silly seeing as the dude barely glanced at the slip of paper I handed him, let alone at the stuff that was on my cart).

It’s  been amazing, finding an awesome bunch of friends (despite their more than occasional homosexual tendencies :P) and going through all sorts of bullshit with them. Undoubtedly, I’ll miss the days at Grainger, the sutta breaks, the 5 minutes in the Saunders lounge, watching *someone* teabag the pool table (Ok, maybe not). But first, I’ve got some catching up to do with the friends I left behind.