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Monthly Archives: November 2011

He sat in deafening silence, staring at his screen in disbelief.

He had known exactly how much it would hurt; he said it anyway.

He sipped his coffee and wound up with a mouthful of mud. Closed the laptop and pushed it away.


Scrambling to catch the bus at 6 in the morning, standing for 3 hours in the cold, scrambling to find a place to crash at after getting kicked out of the hotel we’d planned; there were plenty of moments when I wondered if it really was worth it.

Short answer? Yes.

From the first moment that he stepped onto stage – doing this arrogant, playful and yet intense mad conductor routine with the members of the band (Also amazing btw – the basist was going absolutely nuts) nothing matters but the moment. You loose yourself and everything you worry about- school, money whatever; it just melts away.
You walk out a few hours later, like a slack jawed yokel, ears ringing, smelling of dry ice and alcohol, not really sure about what happened, smiling and content. Then you do it again a few months later.

This semester has been absolutely beautiful. Dream theater, pygmalion, steven wilson and infected mushroom. Im kinda sad it’s ending.
Also, incredibly excited to see Roger Waters next June and (hopefully) sabbath sometime in july/august.

“Oh Once in a while,
I learned how to smile”

From time to time, I am consumed by wanderlust.

I want to see the world. Reading about it just doesn’t cut it.

As much as I love being here at the U of I, sometimes I just want to break free.

Just a few more weeks before I get a chance.

It’s finally here. I’m just as excited as those HP fans when Deathly hallows came out.

Read a couple of chapters- it’s fast paced, as expected.
Fuck sleep

Music choice while I read? You, You’re a History in Rust by DMST

More later.